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Women in Business: Who is More Qualified?

 A predicted 47% of business will be owned and run by women in 2018. This is an astounding increase considering just 40 years ago, women only owned 5% of all businesses, and shows how fast women are taking the reins of a leadership role in the business world.

Although women deal with much criticism from a somewhat sexist community who believe they are much more qualified for the job just because of their gender, there are many advantages of being the woman in charge (and not just the fact of being the woman in charge and the pay that goes along with it). Liz Kammel, CEO of Zipfit Denim, comments on the advantages she sees of being head of a company as a woman. “It’s because you stand out from the crowd,” she says in her article in Forbes. She explains that during a pitch event, she competes with people who all fit the same description: white men in their thirties. Being a woman has helped her be remembered more, thus her company standing out. http://www.forbes.com/sites/zipfitme/2012/11/01/why-its-great-to-be-a-woman/

In Leadership and the Sexes, authors Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis provide the different advantages and disadvantages of men and women as the head of a company from evidence of brain science and gender studies. For example, men tend to “zone out” easier and women get off topic more. Gurian and Annis’s final point is that not all men and women are the same, but both genders have equal amounts of drawbacks and benefits to being the one in charge. http://www.forbes.com/2008/05/28/gender-strategy-behavior-lead-manage-cx_mk_0528sexes.html

With that being said, the fact that women stand out solely because they are women and there are not many of them in the workplace is a very indifferent concept. Since both genders have strengths and weaknesses as head position and make up the same amount of the population, shouldn’t there be an equal amount of them in the workplace as well? Why is it taking until a predicted 2018 to reach 47%? 

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