National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

A Unique and Memorable Holiday Gift Gives Back to National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roanoke Fire and Rescue: Reflections of a 150 Year History commemorates the history, contemplates the present and creates a vision for the future of the Roanoke County, Virginia Fire & Rescue Department. The 200 page, full color hardcover book covers the journey from the 1854 “Watchmen” to the 21st Century firefighters and paramedics.

Complete with fascinating historical accounts, obscure fire technology facts and hundreds of color and black and white images, Reflections of 150 Year History makes an ideal gift for the aficionado, researcher and casual enthusiast.

Readers will be moved by the heartwarming stories of heroic rescues and brave souls who have dedicated their lives to protecting others.

“Their stories are real. Some are devastating. Some are sad. Others are worth celebrating. The men and women who put their lives on the line and provide a valuable public service are ready for the outcome. They celebrate successful rescues. They grieve loss. They laugh about the unforeseen.” Chapter 1, “The Beginning”

Researchers, fact-finders and writers will find useful information included within its pages. According to the National Fire Protection Agency a vehicle fire is reported every 144 seconds, a structure fire every 65 seconds, an outdoor fire every 44 seconds.

Founding fathers and firehouse history buffs will learn Benjamin Franklin founded the first fire department in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1736.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Chapter 1, The Beginning:

“Desired, intentional, controlled fires are beautifully brilliant. Fires manifest light, flames and heat. Fires provide illumination and warmth. Fire is one of earth’s four natural elements.

                  This phenomenon of combustion, however, can also be destructive. Every fire has the potential to kill. Firewhether occurring naturally or caused by carelessness – takes the lives of approximately 100 firefighters every year, according to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Fires leave a lasting effect on the lives of surviving family members and friends. Fires destroy neighborhoods, businesses, wildlife and forests. Fires pollute the environment. Fires affect the quality of air we breathe. Fires burn homes, offices and buildings. Fire puts lives in danger and can be fatal …

                  Firefighters are rescuers. They have a calling to help and protect others. They have a desire to serve their communities. They have a dedication and compassion to put their lives at risk to save others. Firefighters ad rescuers are unsung heroes”

This limited edition signed, coffee-table book promises to be a rare, collectible treasure for anyone involved with, or anyone who knows someone who serves the fire and rescue industry. It’s a perfect gift for the holidays and is available at A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Association.