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Is Your Social Media Campaign Crumbling? How to Build a Firm Foundation with Internal Company Support

Sometimes you have grand intentions with a tool like social media, but your plans fall apart. Wondering how to sustain your social media campaigns?

Here’s a quick how-to:

 1. Empower Employees

Social media takes a lot of work, so it isn’t a task that a single person can take on, especially if it concerns a large company. With 2.5 billion users and counting, it is important to remember that social media thrives on the personal, not the extremely put-together, and certainly not the official. Take advantage of your workforce’s knowledge in social media and draft up a plan that can be integrated into your marketing strategy. Provide consumers with a comfortable online environment where they can connect with your business on a personal level. Below are some tips:

Encourage employee involvement in social media

It is important that employees take ownership of their part in a company and feel excited about sharing more about it. Social media involvement during office hours should be limited for personal accounts, unless your business desires employees to upload throughout the day–an example could be posting images of a company event. Employee involvement can be severely dampened if employees are reprimanded for their posts or micro-managed. If no employee social media involvement is desired, your business should block all networks entirely.

Create a Best Practices memo

Providing specific guidelines outlining behavioral expectations for employees within social media can be a useful tool for businesses who allow employee involvement on social media networks. Besides a list of dos and don’ts, include how employees should respond to unhappy customers, deal with rude comments, or own up to a mistake. Hiring a professional to help construct the best social media strategy is a great way to set the standard for employees.

Create a Style Guide

This is more than your company’s grammar preferences. This document reminds employees of the big picture. What is the company’s mission? What sets it apart?


2. Create an Editorial Calendar

While it would be awesome to simply train your employees and send them off into the world of social media, chances are that even the most passionate Facebook user will lose energy without some structure. You can help employees brainstorm ideas for interaction by creating a monthly theme and even offering resources or links to pull from.


3. Check Your Progress

Another reason companies lose steam in social media? They are never sure how they are doing. When you are constantly pitching around in the dark, it’s hard to know when you reach  your goals. For that reason, follow these steps:

Decide what our Key Performance Indicators are

This will be what you use to measure your progress. Key Performance Indicators can include page views, likes, shares, comments, etc. Facebook has its own analytics you can use, and plenty of other organizations offer programs for this (Google Analytics is a big one, for example).

Start collecting data right away

Without a baseline of where you’ve started from, it will be hard to know where you are going.

Regularly check your progress

If you aren’t checking to see how you are doing, why bother gathering all this information?

By checking your progress, you can not only encourage employees that their work is paying off, but you can also see what content was the biggest hit. Was it a certain theme? A type of post? You’ll start to recognize what your audience likes and doesn’t like, which allows you to give them the content they want.

What is your internal support for social media like? Looking for advice? Consider speaking to a professional like Christina Motley, to help you come us with the best social media marketing strategy for your business.

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