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National Speakers Association MemberThe content and message must resonate with your audience to effectively promote your business.

If you feel comfortable sharing your marketing message yourself, but feel you could use a refresher course to bring a new perspective to your audience, I offer coaching and instruction to help you get started or build on what you currently have.

Popular Topics

I have delivered keynote presentations, workshops and lectures to a wide variety of audiences across the country including students, librarians, nonprofit managers, school board members, CEOs, Boards of Directors, Executive Leadership Teams, professional trade organizations, civic groups and leadership classes.

My topics cover a broad spectrum of marketing, communications and leadership topics, ranging from assessing personality types, improving communications, marketing strategies, effective messaging, writing for the media and the Web, social media, competitive positioning and many others.

The most popular topics requested by category are:

Marketing Topics

Agile Marketing: A New & Innovative Way of Thinking

Undoubtedly, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has radically changed since its inception centuries ago. Today’s CMO is evolved with responsibilities and accountability for not only customers, but to all organizational stakeholders and shareholders. Today’s CMO still manages the traditional aspects of the job, but also builds intangible assets by creating brand loyalty, customer equity and long-term business sustainability through delivering exceptional customer experiences across all channels of which there are more than ever before. In today’s fast-paced, multichannel, digital world, marketers no longer have the luxury to spend months crafting large projects. Instead they must innovate and produce on the fly and respond immediately to market disruptions. Top marketers are slowly beginning to see the value of adapting agile methodologies to marketing, but it the concept is still in its infancy in the field of marketing and slow to gain traction. In its simplest terms agile for marketing is a mindset and methodology that transforms operations so businesses can execute more efficiently, champion the customer and achieve better performance through a data-driven approach and it starts with leadership and organizational culture.

Discover the Power of Pragmatic Marketing

Pragmatic marketing is not new, but few organizations practice it. It is a tried and proven methodology. A cross-functional team helps communicate more broadly, gain alignment more easily, and builds better products. And as an added benefit, the team helps product managers spend more time in the market, figuring out what should be developed next year and the year after. This market-driven focus leads companies to build products people want to buy. The presentation covers the concept of pragmatic marketing and best practices.

Harness the Power of Data in Your Marketing Strategy

Our world is inundated with data. So what? Why care? Data is what every human uses, whether they know it or not, as a basis for reasoning. Businesses can harness qualitative and quantitative data that has been uncovered through simple research to make intelligent business decisions. This presentation will help participants learn how to use data and how to measure data to improve their marketing strategies, communications and, ultimately, their company’s bottom line.

Maximizing the Power of LinkedIn & Social Media

This presentation will highlight best practices and advanced techniques for using LinkedIn to not only distinguish your personal and professional brands on LinkedIn and social media, but how to use both platforms for business networking and prospecting.
Learning objectives include: best practices, advanced techniques and the opportunity to develop a deep understanding about how to distinguish and leverage your online – persona ad professional – brands in a crowded landscape.

How to Measure Your Marketing Efforts and Report Data

How can marketers measure and report results to executive leadership teams when they face limited resources, tight deadlines and work overload? How do they make sense of and interpret the data across branding, lead generation, social media and public relations initiatives? Learn about best practices, hear case studies and discover the impact of score cars to measure data.

Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Why does data matter and how does it come into play when you are developing a brand, a message or a strategic marketing initiative? Learn how customers, companies, competitors and corporate partners affect marketing strategy, why marketers must consider macro-environments when making decisions, difference in generational cohorts and more.

How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for Your Business

This workshop will walk participants through each step involved in developing an effective marketing plan for their own businesses. This practical, how to session will discuss writing a situational analysis, creating primary marketing goals and objectives, analyzing the market environment, identifying marketing strategies, producing a marketing action plan, crafting a budget and measuring results with Key Performance Indicators.  Workshop attendees will leave with an outline, road map and practical tools, as well as in-depth understanding, of how an effective marketing plan can expand their knowledge and propel their company.

Embracing Social Media

Ready to dive into the world of social media but do not know where to start?  In this session, you will learn about social media platforms, their capabilities and best practices for each.  Learn what can work best for you and your unique business needs.

The Fundamentals of a Media Press Kit

Introducing a new product or a business to the media is essential. In this session, you will be taken step-by-step through the process of creating a media press kit (online and offline) and the goals behind it.

Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising Demystified

These terms are often confused, even by some in the industry. We set the  record straight so you know what’s what and provide best practices so you walk away with a list of simple initiatives you can implement for greater business results.

Simple Steps to Move Your Brand Forward

After you have built a successful business your work is far from over. Succeeding in a changing business environment requires companies to constantly strive to stay ahead.  In this session you will be introduced to strategies that will help your brand and business grow year after year.

Leadership Topics

Keys to Effective Leadership

Jim Collins said it’s no longer enough to be a good leader business. You must be great. Emerging author Scott Stratten said now it’s no longer enough to be great. We must aspire to be awesome.  This seminar debunks the myths about what leadership is and is not, shares 10 values all awesome leaders embrace, captures 15 things successful leaders do automatically, every day, touches on three-time successful entrepreneur  Christina Motley’s 5 guiding leadership principles, and brings it home with 11 simple concepts to become a better leader.

Embracing and Navigating Change

Change is inevitable. It happens daily. Yet many people and organizations struggle to adapt to change. This seminar helps you determine your flexibility involving change and will walk you through practical ways to adapt easier, faster and truly learn to embrace    schange.

Assessing Personality and Learning Types to Drive High Performance

The more we know about ourselves and others, the higher performers we can be in our respective work places. This  workshop walks you through several different personality and learning assessments so you will have a deeper understanding of how you work with others and can foster collaboration.

Communication Topics

Writing Effectively for Social Media and Traditional Media

Writing can be intimidating for people of any skill level. It doesn’t have to be. Christina takes some of that worry away.  During this session, you will learn on-point, targeted content development for traditional and new media, communications and public relations.

Crisis Communications 101

Do you ever feel like you are at war in the business world? Are you sitting back and reacting to change instead of taking charge of your communications? In this session, you will learn to be proactive in your process and be prepared with quick and appropriate responses to an ever-changing business environment.

Mastering Written Communication in the Workplace

Communication is important in all aspects of life.  Companies cannot avoid communication and many allocate specific departments to take care of the flow of communication. In this session, you will learn about the different avenues of communication in the workplace and how apply effective communication skills to make your professional world more productive.

Effective Communication Strategies to Drive Greater ROI

Effective communication is critical for organizations of any size. Communicating with purpose, while focusing on results and relationships, will enable organizations to create more effective relationships with multiple audiences.

Message Development To Drive Results

Each of your audiences requires tailored and crafted messages. On top of that, different generations have different value drivers, different behavioral attributes and different ways they want to receive information. Keeping these facts in mind will help you create more effective messages.

The Power of Networking (on- and off-line)

Relationships have power and good relationship can often lead to transactions and imparting value. Businesses need to focus on cultivating and nurturing relationships. In today’s business environment, social media has changed the art of networking.  Learn how to network and grow relationships both on- and off-line, including how to maximize LinkedIn.

Speaking Testimonials

“Christina is an excellent speaker and customizes her presentations very well to the specific audience. She has great marketing experience, especially in the area of social media.” 

Tom ByrnesInstructor | NCSU Poole College of Management

“During the AMA Regional Retreat, I had the pleasure of meeting Christina and hearing her presentation. Christina is an excellent speaker – very seasoned, interesting, professional and knowledgeable about the world of marketing. I definitely recommend her as a smart and interesting speaker on marketing and business topics!”

Eileen Bramlet Director, Development & Communications |Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools and See Forever Foundation

“Christina is a gifted marketer and speaker. I had the pleasure of hearing Christina speak at a recent American Marketing Association event and was immediately inspired by the significant contributions she is making on behalf of the Triangle Chapter. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. If you have the opportunity to work with Christina as a volunteer or to engage her as a speaker, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you did!”

Karen StoneSenior Account Manager | Maritz Research

“Christina is a wealth of information! She is clear thinking and presents information in a way ‘the rest of us’ can understand. I loved when she started her talk with “Twitter is NOT a fad!” She helped me understand the value of this particular social networking tool and compared it to others in terms of my market. I left the talk with concrete tools and a direction of how to start utilizing Twitter for my business.”

Jennifer AlbrechtCEO | InBalance, Inc.

“Thank you so much for sharing your time, your expertise, and your great energy with the BAM group today!  You packed a lot into that 30 minutes.  Kevin and I particularly appreciate your jumping in at the last minute when the other speaker had a schedule change.  That’s the mark of a generous professional!”

Becky SansburyM. Div | Consultant | After the Shock

“Our talk on analyzing the marketing environment and the impact of market research was insightful, informative and quite helpful”.

Arjun WadwalkarGraduate Student:Duke University | Engineering Management

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