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Who Is Here to Instruct You On Your Next Step in Business Growth

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Marketing Coach Christina MotleyReach Your Full Potential!

Because reaching your full marketing potential requires expert advice, encouragement and accountability, Christina Motley & Associates offers personalized marketing coaching sessions for your company’s specific marketing needs. Drawing from her vast experiences as a national award-winning marketing consultant, Christina provides actionable insights that deliver measurable marketing results.

How Can We Help You?

“We are in the business of advancing supportive patient care and have three successful prescription products in the market. However, we realize we are immersed in the trenches every day and hired Christina Motley to conduct an independent marketing assessment and gap analysis. Christina’s key observations were on point and provided us a list of changes we could quickly implement with our internal resources at no additional cost and within a week of her presentation, our team is implementing quick wins to gain immediate traction. I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Chris Clement CEO & President, DARA BioSciences, Inc.

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Marketing Training

Christina Motley & Associates teaches our clients marketing skills that every business needs to succeed.

Marketing Analysis

Marketing Advice

Have you ever wished an expert marketing professional could weigh in on your marketing strategy, budget, and content? Christina Motley & Associates carefully evaluates companies’
marketing efforts or plans and provides areas of improvement according to your needs.


Marketing Accountability

Do you have ambitious marketing goals for your company but need someone to ensure you or your employees are appropriately striving towards these goals? Christina Motley serves as a marketing mentor and will hold you accountable for putting your best foot forward at  all times.

Benefits of a Marketing Coach

Eliminate Wasteful Spending and Increase Efficiency

At Christina Motley & Associates, we take great pride in eliminating unnecessary marketing expenses in your budget and ensuring every dollar spent is well worth the cost and through our marketing coaching sessions we use hands on training to keep you in the driver’s seat and ensure your success for years to come.


Having a mentor to encourage and hold you accountable ensures optimal performance and inspires the necessary confidence to achieve your marketing goals.


As your personal marketing coach and fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Christina Motley & Associates gives you the necessary skills to spur marketing success and generate increased sales and revenue for your organization.

Independent Marketing Analysis

We provide an independent, integrated and unbiased perspective on businesses’ marketing efforts that may not be attained from an in-house marketing professional.


Q: What exactly is marketing coaching in terms of the business world?

Just as a sports coach guides his or her team to victory on the field, I will help guide you and your business to victory in
the business world by ensuring your marketing goals are aligned with your overarching business goals. This alignment is
key to victory, which can be increased sales and revenue, improved communications, enhanced lead generation, elevated
customer loyalty and overall brand awareness.

Q: Why do I need a marketing coach?

Nearly every company can benefit from bringing in a fresh set of strategic eyes, especially when it comes to marketing.
Even if you can’t point to specific problems within your company, they probably exist. I will analyze your business
operations, evaluate your toughest marketing challenges, identify gaps you may be missing discuss opportunities for
improvement. Together, Iw ill help you implement cost-efficient strategies to produce your desired results.

Q: What makes you qualified to be a marketing coach?

With nearly 30 years of marketing, public relations and communications (both internal and external) experience and a
wide variety of clients under my belt, I have seen what it takes to take marketing to the next level to produce tangible,
desired results. I have a team that has experience in a multitude of different industries, and I focus on modern, results-
driven strategies to produce whatever your desired results may be.


  • We Improved lead generation through LinkedIn for a realtor by 150k%, generating two new clients and over $1 million in sales.
  • We helped a start up with branding, resulting in $50k of venture capital funding.
  • We’ve grown social media through best practices, increasing website traffic 400%.
  • We enhanced brand awareness through an integrated marketing campaign for a a client, resulting in
    a 42% increase in website traffic, doubling the time visitors spend on site, reducing the bounce rate by 10%, improved
    social media engagement to 30% and earned repeat media coverage in >30 outlets.

Q: What makes you different from other marketing coaches or business coaches in general?

I promise one-on-one, hands on coaching from me directly. In other words, you get access to senior level expertise and
a Chief Marketing Officer when you may not otherwise be able to afford to staff this position. I always develop a trust-
based relationship with my clients as to better understand your goals and how to achieve them in the most cost-efficient
way possible. I spend your money, as if it were my own. The program is designed to deliver on point marketing strategy
WHEN&WHERE you need it.

Q: What can I expect from you?

You can expect honesty, integrity, confidentiality, hard work, and skillfully crafted marketing strategies that will help
you achieve your marketing goals. The work required for each client differs, and my approach for you will be tailored to
your specific needs, budget and goals. Usually, the first step for analyzing the current operations of your company will be
to perform a marketing audit. From there, we will discuss opportunities for improvement and strategies to implement. I
have a lot of resources I have developed over the years based on my marketing expertise. For example, you can take a quiz
and we can define your brand in one word. I have proven assessments and analysis tools to ensure your site is optimized
for Search Engine Optimization. If you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, I have a 30- point assessment to help you get
to LinkedIn’s All Star status. These are just a few tools in my toolbox. There are many more.

Q: Do you work on both personal and professional branding?

Yes. As your coach, I become a valuable resource who will hold you accountable and take action to achieve the things
that are truly important to you. Both personal and professional brands are equally important.

Q: What kind of marketing do you coach around?

I am an integrated marketer and public relations professional. This means we take a holistic approach to your current
efforts. We look at how your marketing efforts are aligned with the overarching business goals and dive deep into what’s
working well, areas for improvement and missed gaps and opportunities. We then focus on the areas for improvement,
gaps and opportunities to maximize your marketing, public relations and communications efforts – whether they are
internal or external – and minimize your investment for a positive ROI.

Q: What does a coaching session look like with you (i.e. your approach / agenda to the session?)

I become an extension of my clients. Your success is my success. The sessions are tailored to your specific marketing,
branding, public relations and communications needs. Examples of past clients, include coaching on social media best
practices, how to write a white paper, how to master LinkedIn for lead generation, how to write a marketing plan, and
how to create a memorable brand, among many others.

Q: How much are your coaching services cost? Do you offer packages or discounts for referrals?

Depending on the scope of your company, your marketing budget, and your goals, the cost of hiring me as a marketing
coach will vary. Coaching may seem like an expensive upfront cost, but think of it as an investment – In yourself, your
employees and your business. I promise, you will see – as many clients have – a return on your investment! Yes, I offer at
10% discount for referrals you send my way that result in hiring me. And yes, I offer a few different packages, as well as
individual one-hour sessions.

Call 919-208-0963 or Email Me today to customize your coaching package.


“Christina is a great strategic marketer. Her recommendations are always on-point and she knows how to communicate them to meet the needs of her clients. She is one of the few people I know, who can think both strategically and tactically at the same time. She is an A-team player and an asset to any organization.”

Evan SanchezCRM Strategist-at-Large

“Christina Motley is a self-motivated individual with a breadth of experience in marketing and communications. She is conscientious, pays attention to detail and is a creative problem solver. She is an asset to any company that is looking to succeed.”

Margaret Barchine, APR, RYTCommunications Manager | National Alcohol Beverage Control Association