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CEOs and other C-level executives face similar challenge in their roles.  The requirements for C-level jobs have shifted more towards business acumen and leadership skills.

Ad Age predicts CEOs and Chief Operating Officers (COO’s) want to bring more outsiders into the CMO suite as they look beyond their categories for fresh ideas and new skill sets and according to Harvard Business Review, “to thrive as a C-level executive, an individual needs to be a good communicator, a collaborator, and a strategic thinker … and the trend toward a general business orientation over a functional orientation will continue.”

In today’s business environment, every company – even some Venture-Capital backed firms – cannot afford to internally hire the talent they need in order to meet their business goals. As your CMO For Hire, we provide C-level counsel to executives, develop marketing strategies and offer interim project leadership and support as needed.

  • Do you need an objective marketing audit and gap assessment?
  • Could you sharpen your strategies to drive desired customer action?
  • Are your marketing, sales and other business functions integrated?
  • Is shareholder accountability, customer loyalty and sustained profitability results where they need to be? 
  • Are you getting the right message to the right audience across the right channels?

Christina Motley & Associates expands your capabilities, enabling you to execute projects faster and deliver results now.

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Chief Marketing Officer Services

Marketing Strategy - Read More

We Help You Build Your Marketing Strategy

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Find Your Competitive Advantage

Building market and business intelligence will expand your knowledge. Propel your company. Let you go where your competition does not exist.

“Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers.”
Seth Godin

A well-developed marketing strategy determines the how, where and to whom, your business will find the greatest opportunities to develop products and services, which generate leads to achieve your overarching business goals and objectives.

Do you know the answers to these fundamental questions that will help you achieve your business goals?

  • What’s your position in the market? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Have you established specific, measurable business goals? 
  • What does the competitive environment look like, and how does your business measure up?

The power of market and business intelligence gives you data that allows you to identify fresh perspectives, creative insights, actionable analytics, industry benchmarks and strategic inspirations. That data then allows you to identify evolving customer needs and behaviors, explore emerging market segments, build new capabilities and shape your public profile.

Building market and business intelligence will expand your knowledge. Propel your company. Christina Motley & Associates is that extra hand to help you you go where your competition does not exist.


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We Help You Gather Your Market Research



Market research is a critical component of a strategic marketing plan – and business plan for that matter.  Christina Motley & Associates offers an organized effort and systematic approach to gather and interpret information about your business environment, industry, competition, consumers and prospects.

This market research provides valuable insights and data that can be used to strengthen your chances for business success.


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We Help You Develop Strong Content Marketing

Content Marketing Services


Content builds trust with consumers and successful content marketing breaks through clutter. It’s one way search engines find your brand and business online. Information about your company is accessible on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. It supports a cohesive brand identity and reinforces a common vision for both internal and external audiences as well as leads to a better understanding to establish mutual confidence among stakeholders.

Christina Motley & Associates are masters of creating, curating and distributing your message across multiple channels in a clear message that speaks to your audience.


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We Help You Gain an Edge with Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated Marketing is about selecting the most effective channels to reach your target audience. For the best success, companies must see the bigger picture and look closely at their business through their customers’ eyes.

Are your marketing efforts truly integrated online, offline and in real life? If not, Christina Motley & Associates can help you gain an edge over your competition with an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy.


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We Help You Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whether your company is a B2B or B2C enterprise, you can no longer ignore social media marketing. It must be part of an integrated marketing strategy. The major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+  and Pinterest are used by millions of people, including your customers and prospects.

Christina Motley & Associates can help you develop a social media strategy,  evaluate the most effective platforms for your business and train your staff to engage your audience to help you build and execute a highly effective social media presence.


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We Offer Writing, Editing and Publication Support

Writing and Editing Services


Effective, written communication challenges many business owners. With the variety of mediums available to reach your audience, including your website, social media, press releases and blogs, each platform requires a different writing style and approach. A successful integrated marketing strategy demands that you interact with your customers and clients wherever they may be which in turn, demands a sharp eye for writing and editing messages that will resonate with your target audience on each platform.

Do your blogs compel your audience to take action by signing up for your e-newsletter or requesting a demo? If using social media, does your content engage your fans while also conveying your brand personality?

If you need to kick-start your communications, Christina Motley & Associates are here to make your life easier.


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We Offer Corporate Communications Services & Training



Communication is powerful. It motivates and engages new and existing customers. It helps win the game. But communication tools continue to evolve, as new technologies continue revolutionizing business and the world in which we live, work and play. Relationships and feedback channels continue changing constantly.

As information flows everywhere and every way, communications is a key driver in running a business. CEOs rely more and more on communication teams to create the leadership and momentum required to effectively execute strategies.

“The better you communicate, the better your Return on Investment (ROI).
Research findings repeatedly show organizations that communicate effectively dramatically outpace other organizations.”

Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Christina Motley & Associates is here to help you plan a Corporate Communications strategy for your company.


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We Offer Public Relations Services for Marketing Communications

Public Relations Demystified | Christina Motley LLC


Your Marketing Communications Strategy Is Vital To Your Business Success.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is more than a combination of a business’ marketing, public relations (PR) and advertising.  It is consistent brand messaging across all channels, including organizational culture, the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion and Place – advertising, online marketing, sales and customer service, PR, trade shows and corporate philanthropy.


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Marketing savvy, adaptable and fun is how I would describe Christina. While new to the Triangle, she is not new to proven results. Her experience speaks for itself, but my interaction on and offline with her sold me. If you get the chance to connect, partner or work with her, take it.” 

K. Melissa KennedyFounder & President | Ester Mae Marketing