Optical Cable’s Award-Winning Annual Report Wows Investors  (B2B, Fortune 500)

After creating a simple, sophisticated and colorful trade show booth that attracted attention at over 60 worldwide trade show exhibits in a year from new distributors and positive feedback from existing customers, Optical Cable Corporation (OCC)  returned to Serendipity Communications for additional marketing support.

Using the same concept of photographing and showcasing the tight-buffer fiber optic cable, we produced and delivered what became an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign. In spite of restrictions about annual reports for public enterprises, we were able to showcase the product – a bundle of colorful cables – on each page. We  even expanded the concept on some of the financial pages by using spools of cable – the actual way it is stored at the manufacturing facilities – in lieu of bar charts.

The annual report was another award winner.

ABOUT OPTICAL CABLE:  In 1983, OCC started revolutionizing the design of cable and evolved into changing the way the word communicates. The enterprise is an industry leader with an international reputation as a pioneer, an innovator and a designer of some of the highest-performing cabling and connectivity products available on the market. Today, OCC engineers and manufactures a complete line of top-tier cabling and connectivity solutions, including products and solutions suitable for the most demanding applications.