NABCA Invites Christina Motley Speaker

National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association 

Christina Motley Presents at D.C. Media Summit

Business owners and communicators who attend the April – NABCA Media Summit – will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively represent their agencies and attract consumer engagement through blogging and media outreach.

Chief Marketing Officer, Christina Motley has been labeled by professionals and personal board of advisers as a successful entrepreneur, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer (on-Demand).

Christina offers an instructional workshop entitled “Effective Brand Awareness through Media Outreach” to communicators and members of the NABCA during its first Media Summit, April 15-16. The workshop is part of a program that forwards the NABCA’s mission to support member jurisdictions in their efforts to protect public health and safety. The workshop helps ensure responsible and efficient systems for beverage alcohol distribution and sales.

“Marketing and driving brand awareness play a critical role in business success. I am honored to bring best practices, case studies and practical advice to help NABCA members relay their message to the public, as well as through the right channels to maximize their communication efforts.” – Christina Motley





Founded in 1938, NABCA is the national association representing the Control State Systems – those jurisdictions that directly control the distribution and sale of beverage alcohol within their borders. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C., area, NABCA serves its members by providing valuable research, networking and educational opportunities for organizations impacting alcohol policy.