10 Pennies a Day Life Lesson

Leadership Philosophy #2 – Appreciate to Motivate

Appreciate to Motivate – 10 Pennies a Day 

A simple way to improve morale is to keep people engaged and reward them for their input and impact. I am quick to say thanks, always grateful for collaboration and individual contributions, humbly give the team credit (leaders are only as good as their teams), and reward them for their input, innovative ideas and impact.  Lee Iacocca said it best: “management is nothing more than motivating other people.”

I embrace a philosophy a good friend uses. I start each day with 10 pennies. When a team member contributes a brilliant thought, idea or action, I share kind words, send a note, or email them. Each time I do this, I move a penny from one location to another. My goal each day is for all 10 pennies to find themselves in the new location. It is a physical reminder that everyone is contributing his or her best and that positive energy reaps rewards