Christina Motley LLC Launches New Brand and New Responsive Design Website

Christina Motley, LLC Launches New Company, Brand Identity and Responsive Website; Meets Business Executives’ Tough Marketing Challenges

Christina Motley, LLC Launches New Company, Brand Identity and Responsive Website
Showcasing Expanded Marketing Services

Christina Motley, LLC takes it up a notch by offering “on point marketing strategy WHEN & WHERE you need it.™” with a suite of marketing services from “CMO On Demand” to marketing leadership services and solutions for CEOs, Agencies and Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) Executives.

 Raleigh, NC – August 27, 2013 − After extensive research with industry professionals, Christina Motley, LLC has unveiled its new visual brand identity. The site is designed to create and drive brand awareness and to position the company as the marketing experts who help businesses not just survive, but thrive. The new responsive website is compatible with all major desktop, tablet and mobile devices and can be viewed at The creative site targets business executives’ common challenges while offering DIY solutions on their blog.

  • Striking the perfect balance between marketing spend and ROI
  • Overwhelming marketing demands
  • Limited resources, tight deadlines and work over load

As a Chief Marketing Office On Demand,  Christina Motley and her team enables C-level executives to not only keep pace in today’s post-digital era of integrated marketing, but win the game of competition with compelling customer engagement strategies. 

“I have been working as a business and marketing consultant for  many years,” said CEO & CMO Christina Motley, a previous instructor at Virginia Tech and entrepreneur, who has helped launch, grow and sell multiple businesses, as well as contribute  to overall organizational growth of start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. “Clients are looking for fresh, unbiased and integrated perspectives, but don’t’ always have the bandwidth or talent needed to propel their businesses to the next level. I’m excited today to formalize the boutique marketing solutions I’ve provided to clients over the years with Christina Motley, LLC.”

Motley developed the company’s new tagline “on point marketing strategy WHEN & WHERE you need it™”  to reflect its mission:  To deliver on-demand, targeted marketing strategies and tactics to clients, enabling them to engage leads, build customer loyalty, and enhance brand awareness, which results in improved sales, performance, communications and business operations.

“As marketing strategists and partners, we are extensions of our clients. We solve problems creatively and act as catalysts to help clients achieve business goals and get results they desire–accountability and profitability–with best marketing practices. We are wordsmiths, artists and creative problem solvers who tackle today’s complex marketing problems,” said Motley. “We share a common vision – our clients goals are our goals. When our clients achieve success, so do we. We call that client-centric, relationship driven, forward-thinking and results oriented.”

 About Christina Motley, LLC
Based in Raleigh, NC, Christina Motley, LLC delivers a suite of marketing services from CMO On Demand to integrated marketing strategies and solutions for a variety of industries. The company ensures alignment with company business goals to reach business/sales objectives for Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).  For more information, contact Christina Motley, LLC at 919-208-0963, or visit