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Marketing Firm Introduces New Brand, Business Model & Responsive Website Design


Christina Motley LLC Delivers On Point Marketing Strategy WHEN & WHERE You Need  It.™

The only constant is change” is attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Thousands of years later this statement rings true, especially in today’s business environment and Christina Motley, LLC takes it up a notch by offering “on point marketing strategy WHEN & WHERE you need it.™” with a suite of marketing services from “CMO For Hire” to marketing leadership services and solutions for CEOs, Agencies and Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) Executives.

With the fast pace of business and ever-evolving marketing tools and tactics, even the best brands struggle to keep up in the post-digital era.  Christina Motley, LLC recognized this challenge as an opportunity – along with the trend that more executives are relying on outside, fresh perspectives from marketing executives – and is launching a new business model, brand and response website design to help overwhelmed C-level executives, agencies and Small and Medium-Size (SMB) owners.

As a CMO For Hire, the company aids C-level executives to execute projects and deliver results; helps agencies strike the perfect balance between client needs and resources; and allows SMB executive to keep pace in today’s post-digital era of integrated marketing. She takes an integrated marketing approach to help clients find their greatest opportunities to generate leads, increase sales and achieve overarching business goals to maximize cost efficiencies and take advantage of each communication channel’s strengths, resulting in a greater impact.

“We are marketing strategists and partners – extensions of our clients.  And we share a common vision – our clients’ goals are our goals,” said CEO & CMO Christina Motley.  “We deliver on point marketing strategy,  helping clients win the game of business competition and achieve their desired business results.”

Christina has grown and sold several businesses. This will be her first one based in the Triangle of North Carolina. Learn more at and engage with us on social media:





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