How Do I Know I Need a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

Take a moment to read through and review the following.  Select the options that best fits your situation for any of the topics that you feel you face as a challenge as a business owner to determine if a fractional Chief Marketing Officer is the addition to your team that you are needing.

    We are here to expand your bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee so that you can pay for marketing expertise only WHEN&WHERE you need it.
    We offer flexibility to your costs by design and help to differentiate your brand with services that are both scalable and customizable to your current needs.
    We benchmark your organization against best practices and provide you a fresh perspective from a marketing assessment and gap analysis that will result in building the customer loyalty you are looking for and enhance your marketing ROI.
    During time of high-growth, expansions, mergers and acquisitions research shows outsourcing is less expensive and provides a faster ROI.
    We help you bridge the gap when you have limited resources, tight deadlines and work overload by providing temporary, interim and on-demand marketing expertise.
    Help focus your internal team on what they do best by outsourcing an experienced strategic marketer to help train your team in the latest trends to ensure your vision, integrated marketing plan and business intelligence are aligned with your business goal.
    Research demonstrates that fractional marketing executives can have a greater impact on businesses more than a full-time executive as they are 100% focused on your initiatives instead of inundated with daily drills, meetings and "soft" leadership skills. With a CMO on-demand you pay for what you need.
    Consistency and frequency are critical to generate leads and fuel the pipeline. A CMO on-demand is focused on your greatest marketing needs, leaving your team to manage specific activities and operations.
    We provide market and business intelligence and marketing scorecards to measure your marketing efforts to help expand your knowledge, propel your customers and allow you to go where you competition does not exist.
    We offer services to evaluate and develop processes as well as train executives and their team about why integration delivers greater efficiency and effectiveness to your bottom line.
    The push-pull strategies of the past are no longer enough to sustain momentum and feed the bottom-line. Avoid risks of missed opportunities by using a CMO on-demand to provide seamless strategies to meet your business goal.
    We review and develop specific strategies from new product launches, commercialization, content marketing, social media messaging, internal communications and more to ensure you are on the right track.
    We know striking a balance between customer demands and internal resources is challenging. It doesn't have to be and you can experience a reduction of internal stress when you work with a fractional Chief Marketing Officer who can help manage and carry the unexpected extra weight.
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These questions can help you to analyze the basics of your marketing needs to help determine if your needs require a full time team member addition or if your needs are a fractional Chief Marketing Officer to help you transition to the next level in your business and slowly increase your marketing team by reducing the stress by taking over slowly until you have increased productivity to the point of being able to increase your budget to hire a new full-time member. As your fractional CMO we ensure full training of your new full-time team member to be able to take over the role smoothly, with a short learning curve to keep your business moving forward during the transition.

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