Golf versus marketing development

What does golf have to do with marketing?

Developing new business concepts can at times be challenging and confusing, more so when there are plenty of other priorities to focus on to keep your business running strong. Studies have shown that using analogies is a very effective way to increase memory on a subject. For those that can relate to a good drive down the dance floor, we felt that this would be a fun article for you.  This blog addresses three concepts comparing marketing and golfing to break down the most important key references for when you are developing effective marketing.


Golf versus Marketing Aiming

Aiming and Alignment

In golf, you need to know where the next hole is
in order to play the game at all.

A golfer who doesn’t make sure they know where the hole is before he tees off is making a major mistake! Likewise, in marketing, you need to take the time to carefully consider what you want your marketing efforts to accomplish. A key part of a strategic marketing plan includes measurable, SMART marketing objectives which need to be specific,  attainable, realistic and timely.

  •  Do you strive to increase your website traffic by 50% for the following year?
  • Do you want to generate at least five new leads over the next month?

While forming marketing objectives takes time and effort, it is worth the investment. Simply shoveling money into marketing without carefully creating marketing goals and objectives is a bad misstep for your company. Likewise, golfing without setting goals for each hole leads to a mediocre performance. Strategy must come first in marketing and the game of golf.



Hole-In-One MarketingKnow Your Strength & Weakness

Golfers will evaluate courses of action to stay under par
with the fewest strokes.

Some golfers use a conservative approach and aim for the fat part of the green at first and every golfer is different in their approach. While landing an ace is exciting, it is not the main focus of successful golfers. If you do not play to your strengths and only focus on getting a hole-in-one, you will inevitably lose to other competitors.

This is very similar to developing a marketing strategy in business. Companies must figure out their organization’s unique selling proposition:

  1. Define your target market
  2. Discover the benefits of your products or services
  3. Decide how you will position your most successful products or services

This includes finding the right marketing team that understands your company’s message to present your message the strongest. Focusing on your company’s strengths versus your weaknesses will allow you to successfully compete in the marketplace. It is important that your marketing strategy is up to date to most effectively reach your current audience. To adhere to best practices, a marketing audit should be included in your annual budget.



Good FGolf Formorm is Everything

If you have bad form in golf, chances are you are not going to play well.

No matter how well-thought out your game plan is you have to be able to get the ball where you want it to go. Likewise in marketing, you need effective strategies and tactics in order to accomplish your goals. If you wish to drive increased organic website traffic ask the following questions as a checklist for your first
tee off:


  • Are you identifying and using popular keywords for search engine optimization?
  • Are you maximizing these words in content creation?
  • Are you reviewing analytic reports for feedback about which pages are being viewed frequently and those that are not viewed at all?


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