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Do Your Marketing Efforts Need a Nip & Tuck?

Learn How A Marketing Assessment and Gap Analysis Is Elevating DARA BioSciences’ Oncology Products and Brands; Get A Complimentary Marketing Assessment Template Today

Many people get medical physical exams every year. Some get reassurance they are healthy. Some use it as a proactive alarm system to catch – or possibly prevent – health problems before they become serious. Others debate the value of such exams. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, healthcare providers recommend an annual physical as a best practice.

Marketing experts follow a similar best practice and suggest businesses conduct an annual “health” assessment of your marketing efforts. This is most effective when companies hire an independent marketing consultant to provide a fresh, unbiased audit. Chances are – or at least you should know – what marketing strategies and tactics are working well. But often business executives and frontline marketers are too close, or too busy day-today, to identify areas for improvement.

Such was the case for a new client.

“We are in the business of advancing supportive patient care and have three successful prescription products in the market,” said Chris Clement, COO and President of DARA BioSciences, a Raleigh, NC-based pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization oncology and oncology supportive care products. “However, we realize we are immersed in the trenches every day and hired Christina Motley to conduct an independent marketing assessment and gap analysis.”

DARA BioSciences is the parent company of three prescriptions and has new products in the research and development pipeline. It holds the exclusive U.S. marketing rights to Soltamox®, the only FDA-approved oral liquid of tamoxifen citrate used to treat and prevent breast cancer; commercialized Bionect®, a topical treatment for skin irritation and burns associated with radiation therapy; and in April 2013, launched Gelclair®, an FDA-cleared product for treating oral mucositis which can occur from chemotherapy or radiation therapy. “Christina’s key observations were on point and provided us a list of changes we could quickly implement  with our internal resources at no additional cost. Within a week of her presentation, our team is implementing quick wins to gain immediate traction” said Clement. “I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Have you reviewed your marketing efforts through different lenses?

Get started today with a complimentary marketing assessment template at and feel free to share it with others, who may find it useful.

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