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The Content Marketing Revolution is Here: Is Your Company on the Right Track?

Today’s customers differ from their predecessors:  They’re more demanding, with shorter attention spans, and far more options when it comes time to select whom to do business with. Whether you’re in manufacturing, finance, or a service industry, you must incorporate content marketing into your overall marketing plans to be successful.

What is content marketing, and why is it so important to your business strategies? Content marketing guru Christina Motley explains in her white paper, Key Components of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy. 

What Content Marketing Is:

Marketing of yesterday was really just souped-up advertising. Content marketing targets the sophisticated modern consumer, who is looking for information, value, and a relationship, not just somewhere to spend their money. Content marketing employs a number of strategies, all of which contribute to building relations with customers and offering them value beyond their purchases. These include: 

  • Your primary website, where customers go to learn about your company and make a purchasing decision 
  • Your blog, where you establish your company’s leaders as trustworthy industry experts 
  • Your social media sites, where you establish and foster relationships with your customers, as well as find new customers 
  • Whitepapers, in which you delve deeply into subjects to improve the understanding of your core topics 
  • Face-to-face encounters, such as conferences, trade shows, and speaking engagements, where you build relationships, meet new business partners and customers, and build more brand awareness 
  • Press releases in which you offer new information or insight to a trending topic to foster brand awareness and broaden your audience 

These are just a sample of what you can accomplish with a solid content marketing strategy. The proof is in the numbers. Check out Christina’s B2B Content Marketing Infographic.

 What Content Marketing Does for Your Business: 

Unlike traditional advertisements, content marketing online is sharable. Of course, a solid marketing strategy does incorporate traditional advertising tools, but it goes beyond these static opportunities and delves into something more. The content you develop for your website can be repurposed for your blog, which can be repurposed and shared on social media sites, including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. 

The value to your company is multifold. First, new customers are introduced to you by someone they already know and trust, therefore they’re more likely to accept the content and share it. Second, you can develop ongoing relationships that are impossible in traditional advertising. People see your messages daily, so whether they’re in the market for your goods and services today or sometime in the future, you’re always on their minds. Third, the content you develop can be repurposed for a variety of uses, so you can continually offer fresh content in a variety of formats. The list goes on. 

How to Employ Content Marketing in Your Business Strategy 

So, how can you leverage these powerful content marketing tools for your overall business marketing strategy? 

  • Update your website with new, informative, valuable content 
  • Start a blog to establish yourself as an industry expert, or refocus your blog to more information and less sales pitch 
  • Use Google Analytics to see how your content ranks and where you can make improvements 
  • Create unique landing pages to bring in new readers and transform them into paying customers 
  • Begin using keywords wisely within your content to improve search engine rankings as well as establish your place within the market 
  • Consider guest blogging and finding ways to build backlinks to your new content 
  • Consult a specialist like Christina Motley to help you build and maintain your content market strategies 

When building your content marketing strategy, never forget the mobile user. These customers are becoming increasingly important to your online strategies heading into the future. Call Christina at 919-208-0963 for a consultation today! 

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