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Identifying and Overcoming the Challenges of Content Marketing

Obstacles, obstacles everywhere! What’s stopping you from getting more involved in your online image with content marketing? Perhaps it’s money, or a lack of understanding, or an absence of support for the efforts by executives.

Here are the most common obstacles to developing and maintaining good content marketing strategies, and how successful companies overcome them. 

What the Obstacles Are: 

A recent survey conducted by Marketing Profs identified the following five challenges in employing content marketing strategies: 

  • 36% of companies report difficulty producing engaging content 
  • 21%  report problems with creating enough content that is both relevant and interesting 
  • 20%  report difficulties allocating enough money and resources to content marketing 
  • 11% report problems getting executives and shareholders to buy into the content marketing strategies 
  • 9% report difficulty in generating enough varied content to keep readers engaged 

So, now that we know the problems, we can start to generate solutions. 

How to Address Each Obstacle:

Remember SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Identify these and find places to minimize weaknesses and threats, while maximizing strengths and opportunities. 

Producing Engaging Content:

What questions are your customers asking? Better yet, what questions do you wish your customers would ask? Write content to address questions your customers might have, both in regards to your product and your industry as a whole. How do you use the product? What uses, besides the obvious, does the product or service have? How did you come up with the idea for your business? What can your company do that others can’t? These answers all make great content. 

Creating Enough Content:

Content can be repurposed, as well as produced. Approach the same topic from a different perspective. For example, if you wrote about what to do when you run out of your product, go back and rewrite the information rephrased, such as, “X things to do when you run out of [your product].” There are always new ways to approach the same topics. 

Allocating Money and Resources:

Instead of asking for additional funds and employees for a content marketing campaign, try requesting a percentage of the existing marketing budget. This means the company isn’t spending any more, but the money and resources are going to the right places. 

Getting Shareholders to Buy In:

To convince the higher-ups, you must have the right data. Do your market research, and employ an experienced content marketer like Christina Motley to help you with Google Analytics, keyword development, landing pages and other content marketing endeavors. Armed with the data, show the higher-ups how content marketing can help. 

Producing Enough Varied Content:

Quit focusing just on website or blog content and start diversifying the kinds of content you produce. Delve into press releases, social media posting, whitepaper development, infographics, Q&A and other new ways to get your message across. Learn the tools for content marketing and make use of as many as possible. 

The Tools and Tactics for Content Marketing: 

What tools should be in your content marketing toolbox? 

  • Short form: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn
  • Long form: blogging, whitepapers, eNewsletters and news releases
  • Educational: How-to guides and eBooks 
  • Proofs: case studies, use cases and testimonials 

There are a number of useful tools to beef up your content marketing efforts.

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