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CMOs the New CEOs?

A recent study from Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Deloitte Research illustrated that CMOs today have a strong grasp on in the customer experience and revenue growth of a company (Fineberg). Salesforce CMO Lynn Vojvodich reported that that half of CMOs today feel responsible for revenue growth and are actively taking on more customer-focused tasks. Why is this significant? Though there is a very small percentage of CMOs to date that have climbed the career ladder into the CEO seat, the social engagement of today’s society is connecting companies with their customers in a way that was not possible before.

According to, there are 5 reasons why CMOs are in a prime position to be considered for a CEO candidacy:

1. CMOs listen to everyone
2. CMOs have put in the time and gained industry experience
3. CMOs are creative leaders
4. CMOs lead business transformation
5. CMOs have realistic, but aggressive vision

The customer is the modern day driving force for a company, and it is the CMOs job to tap into their experience and try to make it a flawless one. The aforementioned report showed that the top three marketing priorities of the CMOs surveyed included data acquisition, testing and optimization, as well as flexible and agile marketing processes. A CMO is well equipped to hold a CEO position because the 5 facts above help them develop traits that every CEO must have: empathy, responsibility, innovation, leadership and decisiveness.

With their current customer knowledge and experience to boot, today’s CMOs are in a perfect position to effect real change within their respective organization. Do you know a CMO who could become a CEO? Want to know what CEOs think make a great CMO? Be sure to read “8 Holes in One Great CMOs Offer CEOs.”


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