Marketing Trends for 2015

5 Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2015

As a new year quickly approaches, are you aware of 2015’s projected marketing trends and have you considered their significance for your business? Below we consider a few trends for 2015 that will directly impact many companies next year.


Inbound marketing budgets will increase

In HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, the organization revealed that 74 percent of marketers are allocating the same or an increased budget for inbound marketing this year. Inbound marketing has proven to be effective for measurable ROI and the importance of content and online marketing will continue to increase over time.

Are you dedicating time and resources to consistent content creation and social media efforts? If you are finding that you do not have enough time to handle these very important and necessary elements of your business success, Christina Motley & Associates work  with you to create strong marketing strategies and help to establish a consistent online approach.


More purchases and searches will be made from mobile devices

According to consulting firm BIA/Kelsey, the volume of local searches conducted via the mobile web is increasing at a much faster rate than desktop. In fact, the firm estimated that the volume of mobile local search queries will surpass the number of desktop local searches in 2015.

In addition to the volume of searches increasing on mobile devices, an eMarketer study  found that 18 percent of local searches on smartphones led to a purchase.

Is your website optimized for mobile users? Newer sites are typically built for mobile platforms on responsive templates. Older sites are not optimized and are typically very hard to read and difficult to navigate through. You are missing out on a growing marketing if you have not optimized your website. As Chief Marketing Officer, Christina Motley  can help you set up key tools to track your online traffic to help you clearly know areas in which you can improve your strategies.


Paid amplification of content is increasing every year

Content marketing has now increased to a near unanimous level among businesses. A whopping 93 percent of B2B marketers now use it in their overall marketing plan. Because of the increasing amount of content that can be found online, paid amplification to boost consumption of content will play a big role in 2015.

Christina Motley and Associates is here to work with you as your Marketing Coach and as your Chief Marketing Officer to help you spend your marketing budget in the most effective means possible. Our marketing audit helps to ensure that you do have all key marketing strategy rules in place or that your current marketing firm is helping you expand to your fullest potential as a business.


More companies will construct a content marketing strategy

Since 70% of B2B marketers will be creating more content than a year ago but only 35% say they have a documented content strategy, more companies will begin constructing their own content strategies as they learn the benefits of this exercise. 60% of businesses who have a content strategy rate themselves highly in terms of content marketing effectiveness, and this competitive advantage will catch on in the coming year.

Does your business have a content marketing strategy?


Big Data will be used by small businesses

As big data spending is expected to surge by 27 percent through 2017, more midsize and small companies will see the many benefits of big data and begin to use it to support their marketing efforts.

Which of these trends will affect your business the most? Are there any important trends we missed? Let us know your thoughts below!

Christina Motley & Associates provides on point marketing strategy and services that deliver exceptional results, including raising more than $1M for United Way, boosting website traffic 400% for TimelyText, and increasing sales by 41% and 34% for Duncan Hyundai and Honda.


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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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Complete with fascinating historical accounts, obscure fire technology facts and hundreds of color and black and white images, Reflections of 150 Year History makes an ideal gift for the aficionado, researcher and casual enthusiast.

Readers will be moved by the heartwarming stories of heroic rescues and brave souls who have dedicated their lives to protecting others.

“Their stories are real. Some are devastating. Some are sad. Others are worth celebrating. The men and women who put their lives on the line and provide a valuable public service are ready for the outcome. They celebrate successful rescues. They grieve loss. They laugh about the unforeseen.” Chapter 1, “The Beginning”

Researchers, fact-finders and writers will find useful information included within its pages. According to the National Fire Protection Agency a vehicle fire is reported every 144 seconds, a structure fire every 65 seconds, an outdoor fire every 44 seconds.

Founding fathers and firehouse history buffs will learn Benjamin Franklin founded the first fire department in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1736.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Chapter 1, The Beginning:

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Christina Motley will be presenting 5 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid them

5 Big Common Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make & How to Avoid These Pitfalls

Chief Marketing Officer Christina Motley Offers Complimentary Workshop Thursday, December 11 in Raleigh.

Marketing is more complicated than ever before and many individuals and business owners face common challenges that can be overcome with a better understanding of what to do and what not to do. Veteran, integrated Chief Marketing Officer and three-time entrepreneur Christina Motley will help you  understand the most common marketing mistakes and help you figure out how to maximize your marketing efforts for an optimum return on your investment. Participants will learn best practices and walk away with practical tips to help grow their businesses, as well as ways to get the right message in front of the right audience on the right channel. Light refreshments will be served by our sponsor, Career Pro Inc. The 2-hour workshop will be held free of charge, Thursday December 11, 3-5 p.m. n the downstairs conference room at 3700 National Drive in Raleigh. Space is limited to 20 seats and an RSVP is required to



About the Presenter

CEO of Christina Motley & Associates, Christina Motley is a veteran, integrated Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)-on-Demand with 300+ creative, marketing, business, leadership and civic awards. She is a published author, dynamic speaker and member of the National Speakers Association, corporate trainer, serial entrepreneur, and according to her Columbia University daughter, “World’s Best Mom.”

Her successful implementation of integrated marketing strategies has resulted in her servicing multiple clients in a variety of industries since 1992. As a popular keynote speaker, she successfully engages audiences on all things marketing and leadership. Her books Leadership Philosophies from Unsung Leaders and Roanoke Fire and Rescue: Reflections of 150 Year History are available at A native to Charleston, SC, Christina spent many years in Northern Virginia and Southwest Virginia prior to moving to Raleigh, North Carolina. Learn more at


About the Sponsor

Career Pro Inc. ( helps companies with Outplacement issues and Executive Job Seekers accelerate their careers. Their focus provides customized outplacement solutions for individuals and organizations that find themselves needing unconventional and proven career advancement strategies. Career Pro Inc. also provides small business HR consulting on personal branding, recruiting and outplacement strategies.



Golf versus marketing development

What does golf have to do with marketing?

Developing new business concepts can at times be challenging and confusing, more so when there are plenty of other priorities to focus on to keep your business running strong. Studies have shown that using analogies is a very effective way to increase memory on a subject. For those that can relate to a good drive down the dance floor, we felt that this would be a fun article for you.  This blog addresses three concepts comparing marketing and golfing to break down the most important key references for when you are developing effective marketing.


Golf versus Marketing Aiming

Aiming and Alignment

In golf, you need to know where the next hole is
in order to play the game at all.

A golfer who doesn’t make sure they know where the hole is before he tees off is making a major mistake! Likewise, in marketing, you need to take the time to carefully consider what you want your marketing efforts to accomplish. A key part of a strategic marketing plan includes measurable, SMART marketing objectives which need to be specific,  attainable, realistic and timely.

  •  Do you strive to increase your website traffic by 50% for the following year?
  • Do you want to generate at least five new leads over the next month?

While forming marketing objectives takes time and effort, it is worth the investment. Simply shoveling money into marketing without carefully creating marketing goals and objectives is a bad misstep for your company. Likewise, golfing without setting goals for each hole leads to a mediocre performance. Strategy must come first in marketing and the game of golf.



Hole-In-One MarketingKnow Your Strength & Weakness

Golfers will evaluate courses of action to stay under par
with the fewest strokes.

Some golfers use a conservative approach and aim for the fat part of the green at first and every golfer is different in their approach. While landing an ace is exciting, it is not the main focus of successful golfers. If you do not play to your strengths and only focus on getting a hole-in-one, you will inevitably lose to other competitors.

This is very similar to developing a marketing strategy in business. Companies must figure out their organization’s unique selling proposition:

  1. Define your target market
  2. Discover the benefits of your products or services
  3. Decide how you will position your most successful products or services

This includes finding the right marketing team that understands your company’s message to present your message the strongest. Focusing on your company’s strengths versus your weaknesses will allow you to successfully compete in the marketplace. It is important that your marketing strategy is up to date to most effectively reach your current audience. To adhere to best practices, a marketing audit should be included in your annual budget.



Good FGolf Formorm is Everything

If you have bad form in golf, chances are you are not going to play well.

No matter how well-thought out your game plan is you have to be able to get the ball where you want it to go. Likewise in marketing, you need effective strategies and tactics in order to accomplish your goals. If you wish to drive increased organic website traffic ask the following questions as a checklist for your first
tee off:


  • Are you identifying and using popular keywords for search engine optimization?
  • Are you maximizing these words in content creation?
  • Are you reviewing analytic reports for feedback about which pages are being viewed frequently and those that are not viewed at all?


Christina Motley & Associates  provides on point marketing strategy and services that deliver exceptional results, including:

  • Raising more than $1M for United Way
  • Boosting website traffic 400% for TimelyText
  • Increasing sales by 41% and 34% for Duncan Hyundai and Honda and many more success case studies!


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Is Twitter a Part of Your Business? - Christina Motley LLC

Triangle CEO/CMO Christina Motley Featured Speaker on Building Thought Leadership

Christina Motley will present thought leadership best practices using Twitter to 

Triangle-based Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Christina Motley will deliver a seminar on how professionals can build thought leadership through Twitter. She will be speaking on August 26th, at the Downtown Raleigh Capital City Club  from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m.


A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as
an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought after and often rewarded.


Thought leadership is a powerful business tool to build and promote brand awareness and even to generate leads. There are many effective marketing strategies and a variety of channels to establish thought leadership when it comes to social capital. Twitter is one such platform to consider when creating an online presence.

According to Jeremy Waite, head of digital strategy at Salesforce ExactTarget, many top CEOs and even investors tweet less than once per day. Best practices recommend 4-7 tweets per day for the best results.  Christina Motley will explain why establishing your personal brand on a heavily trafficked social media site like Twitter is one of the best ways for a professional to be seen as an influence in their field.


Attendees will receive an overview of Twitter best practices and personal branding, as well as learn practical ways to begin building a thought leadership presence on Twitter.

Interested parties can register through the group Professional Networking on the Web at

Ask The CMO Monthly Program

How Marketers Get Inside the Heads of Their Intended Audience

Marketers can measure the success of marketing campaigns and the strategy behind their campaigns by assessing if they reached their intended audience or not. How do they find this data? Simple qualitative metrics can determine how an audience engaged with a product or service at a particular time. But how can individuals of an intended audience effectively be reached? What methods do marketers use that are successful at this?

According to Sharon Ceurvorst, marketers and communicators influence the perception of those in their audience by utilizing tools she calls “mental models.” Mental models can be used to represent how various beliefs and associations interact to create a perception. Mental models have three components. Ceurvorst names them as drivers, associations and inputs (see examples below).

Drivers – the conceptual building blocks of perceptions (like how “diet” and “exercise” could drive your perception of health)

Associations – how the drivers relate to each other and to the perception (for example, the relative importance of “diet” and “exercise” to health), and

Inputs – the concrete beliefs and facts that flow through the model (such as weighing 165 lbs)

But why influence someone’s perception? What drives a consumer to purchase a product or service is dependent on what they value—price, brand, efficiency, convenience, etc? These “drivers” are what a marketer can hone into and use to create predictions on how the product or service can fare in the market against the competition. An example of how a marketer utilizes a driver is the strategic alternative strategy (Pardhan). A company puts out a product that does not appear to be a high quality product or sit in an acceptable price range at the same time another product of theirs that is similar to the prior product but offers more to the customer is put out. The latter product compared to the first product is more attractive to a consumer, and hence will be purchased more.

Another tool marketers use are personas. Personas are hypothetical archetypes of actual customers or users defined to a significant right and precision, and can be developed by companies to help solve the aforementioned problem for all parties involved in the customer life cycle. In other words, personas are a crucial component of successful marketing and sales departments. Personas offer marketers a way to take a single individual in an audience and use the data retrieved from them for the entire audience. To find out more about personas and to see examples of them, read the following whitepaper.

What we can derive from countless studies is that marketers need to understand and connect with their intended audience in order to create an effective marketing strategy. After all, how can we sell to the world if we don’t know what they want?