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If you book Christina as a keynote speaker you will receive a complimentary autographed copy of Leadership Philosophies from Unsung Leaders.

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Leadership Philosophies From Unsung Leaders

A compilation of principles and best practices from real people demonstrating positive change through positive leadership.

A great leader is a rare gem in today’s society. To become an outstanding leader who leaves behind a legacy, one must aspire to be great, awesome and remarkable. These are the leaders who are remembered for transforming companies, guiding social change, influencing future generations and positively impacting the world.  

Christina’s book celebrates and explores leadership philosophies and best practices from unsung leaders, who have left lasting footprints in their endeavors. Aspiring great leaders can find encouragement in this book on how to be memorable, make a difference and touch every life they encounter. There is no day like today to take hold and elevate your leadership journey.

Rave Reviews

Christina’s book,  “Leadership Philosophies from Unsung Leaders” continues to get rave reviews.

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Making a Difference

Written by:
Haven E. Carter  |  Marcelletta Miles  |  Helen Moses  |  Christina Motley  |  Jonica Rowland

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The Emergence of the Chief Data Officer: A Look Into Analytics

Our world is inundated with data. So what? Why care?

Data is what every human uses, whether they know it or not, as a basis for reasoning. Businesses can harness qualitative and quantitative data that has been uncovered through simple research to make intelligent business decisions. This three-part ebook will instruct you on how to use data to improve your marketing strategies and, ultimately, your company’s bottom line.

Learn about the Chief Data Officer and how the emerging role has affected the marketing realm thus far, some practical tips to use while mining data and how your company should measure data through branding, social media and website scorecards.

Trade Show Marketing: As We Know It

Trade shows are an integral part of virtually every strategic marketing plan and provide companies with unique selling opportunities. According to an industry report by Exhibit Surveys Inc., 85 percent of trade show participants can make, or influence the buying decision; 63 percent will buy within 12 months; and 42 percent of attendees are interested and want to be at the event.

Business owners and executives want to get the highest return on their investment as possible. In order to create a successful and effective trade show marketing effort, businesses need to strategically evaluate, plan, execute and measure results.

This ebook explores the industry’s best practices to maximize the value of business’ trade show marketing spend to get the greatest benefit from and return on investment (ROI).

Roanoke Fire and Rescue: Reflections of 150 Year History

This limited edition, coffee-table book promises to be a rare, collectible treasure for anyone involved with or knows someone who serves in fire and rescue. It documents true stories of heroic rescues and heartwarming profiles of fearless men and women and volunteers who make a difference and have dedicated their lives to protecting others.

An Excerpt:

“The County’s first volunteer fire department dates back to 1854, when industrialist Abraham Hupp presented the Town of Salem with its first piece of apparatus—a hand-operated pump, made in his metal ware shop. The pump was powered by four or so volunteers and worked like a railroad handcar. The pump sat in a small wagon with a trough around it in which the bucket brigade poured water. The pressure of the pump would spray water about fifty feet from an attached leather hose. Today, the pumper still sets in the Salem Market Street Station #1.”

The Greater Roanoke Region:  Your Open Door to Technology, Education and Scenic Beauty – SOLD OUT

This limited edition coffee table book sold out and won first place state and national awards from the National Federation of Press women, and continues to generate awareness and tourism for Roanoke Valley, Virginia.

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