ASPE-ROI and Saint Louis University Award Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing to Christina Motley

Professional veteran marketer Christina Motley expands her skills and stays up–to-date with evolving technologies in today’s digital marketing world through Executive Certificate program.

Christina Motley believes that if you aren’t learning you are dying. An avid lifelong learner and educational advocate, Motley completed an Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing in only six months from an innovative joint initiative between Saint Louis University John Cook’s School of Business in Saint Louis, MO and ASPE-ROI, a division of Fortis College based in Cary, NC. 

“One of my favorite quotes comes from Oliver Wendell Holmes who said, ‘The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving,’ ” said Motley. “Life is a journey. I believe wherever we are on our journey, we can always push ourselves to grow, learn and take ourselves and others higher.  Not only is knowledge part of my educational journey, but lifelong learning and teaching others is a passion.”

The dual university – public training Executive Certificate program met Motley’s needs as a single Mom and C-suite business executive for flexibility. The program, available through a combination of virtual and classroom courses, or an exclusive e-learning option, has only been available for less than a year. It allows students, many of whom are professional marketers, to work at their own pace, expand their skills and stay up–to-date with evolving technologies in today’s digital marketing world.

“We established the program based on student needs and feedback,” said Katie Cothran, ASPE-ROI Product Manager. “From Google AdWords Certification to the latest mobile marketing trends, the Executive Certificate program gives marketers at all levels a tangible credential to show their aptitude in digital marketing and distinguish themselves in a crowded landscape.” 


Christina Motley is an integrated Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)-on-Demand, award-winning creative director, published author, dynamic speaker, instructor for several entities, including ASPE-ROI, successful three-time entrepreneur and Chief Gap Eradicator. She and her team have a proven track record for delivering fractional CMO services and on point marketing strategy to clients nationally.  Learn more at


The John Cook School of Business has a long-standing history of creating successful business leaders. As the oldest business school west of the Mississippi River, in the heart of a large metropolitan area, the school offers highly ranked business programs and is well connected and respected in the business community.


The American Society of Professional Education (ASPE, Inc.), a division of Fortis College, is a national leader in providing skills-based business training solutions with divisions in such sectors as Software Development, Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Energy and Marketing. The company teaches thousands of students across the country each year by delivering hands-on, real-world courses designed to fill pressing skills gaps to make employees more effective and empowering companies to gain critical competitive advantage.

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