What You Can Expect When You Work with Christina Motley


How I Define Values

By definition, values are the principles, standards, or qualities, which guide human actions.

Technically, values place a market worth, or estimated worth of commodities, services, assets, or work on products, services and talents. They provide a benchmark for the activities and shareholders of an organization. In the business world, core values define the guiding principles for which a company stands and are often aligned with talent acquisition efforts.

Values influence attitudes, behaviors and actions. Together, this combination produces results. When values are aligned between two parties − whether it is two individuals, employee/employer, consultant/business, or other − the stronger the desired outcomes.  Along with my selected team, Board of Advisors and partners I embrace the following core values.

    • Forward-thinking
    • Expertise / Thought-leadership
    • Client-centric / Relationship Driven
    • Challenging / Varied Project
    • Enhusiasm / Passion
    • Professional Development / Education
    • Change / Continuous Improvement
    • Quality, High-Performing Talent
    • Strategic, Profitable Growth
    • Process Optimization