Marketing Audit

A Special Discovery Session for a Select Few Fast-Responding Clients:

Are your marketing efforts yielding the business growth and revenue YOU want?

I (Christina) just reopened my schedule and I have 10 spaces available over the next two weeks to conduct something exciting I’m calling my “Marketing Intelligence & Results Discovery Sessions.” In the session, I will lead you to better performing sales, marketing, advertising and publicity strategies I create and develop for clients.

Be one of the first five competitive-minded, profit-focused and value-oriented clients to simply reply by email to Debra at today to schedule your discovery session with me and this $1,500 session will be complimentary to you.

If you wait, or you are slow to respond, and you are one of the last five, you will still get a bargain as one of my clients, as you will only pay half for the session—$750.  There are over 5,000 people reading this with you right now, and there’s only one of me. In keeping, I appreciate your patience, if you cannot get on schedule.

My guarantee you and to all of my client is that during every initial discovery session, as we talk deeply about your business performance, I will deliver to you killer ideas and strategies that you will love. After the session, if even for one minute you feel I have wasted your time, I will refund your session fee, and pay you double that amount back. That is how confident I am in focusing my services on delivering the tangible results you want for your business.