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A Journey Continues in Leadership, Knowledge & Digital Marketing

Christina Motley Pursues an Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing from Saint Louis University & the American Society of Professional Education

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”
Tony Robbins 

I make things happen. For myself, my friends and my clients. I also believe that life is a journey along which we always have the option to push ourselves to grow, learn and bring ourselves – and others – to a higher level of quality.  Not only is the gathering of knowledge part of my own educational journey, but also the dissemination of that knowledge and teaching others what I know.  

My journey has also been one of constant, yet unpredictable change. As such, I find myself adapting, learning, and doing things differently while maintaining my excitement about new adventures. I take risks. I solve problems creatively. I simultaneously think strategically and tactically.  I generate ideas. I embrace collaboration, diversification and innovation. I am, according to best-selling author Sir Ken Robinson in The Element, I am in my element because I am blessed to do something for which I have a natural talent.

Today’s society has us living life at an accelerated pace! New technologies have forever not just changed the business landscape – but also the very nature of the way we conduct business. We live in a time of revolution where technologies are elevating the game by transforming work, culture and life. 

Marketing is no exception to this transformation. It is a profession in constant motion where even the best brands struggle to keep pace in today’s post-digital era. CEOs are now embracing the need for tighter integration between marketing, sales and other core business functions while placing a higher value on marketing and the business intelligence that drives decisions. Business leaders want to survive tough economic times. They want to thrive. They want to win the game. 

As a seasoned marketer, I help business executives develop integrated marketing strategies to win the game. As a lifelong learner, I am a sponge, always thirsty for the latest and most-relevant knowledge about the marketing strategies and tactics that are effective.

I am excited to start my studies toward an Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing from Saint Louis University (@SLU_Official) and the American Society of Professional Education (@ASPE_ROI).  I am eager to learn more about some of today’s latest technologies, exchange ideas with other professionals and share case studies and best practices. I am excited to put the knowledge and technologies to work for clients and help them achieve the business results they desire – and deserve.

Ultimately, I am excited to take myself and my clients to that higher level I mentioned earlier. Stay tuned, as I blog about, and share new knowledge with, my readers about this part of my journey.

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