8 Holes in One Great CMOs Offer CEOs

Golf is not an easy sport. It takes time, patience and a keen observation of the world around you. Like golf, marketing too requires these traits. Successful marketing today is highly reliant on an individual who can calmly observe the playing field and make calculated decisions based off of their observations. Within the marketing realm, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is that individual. A CMO can balance creativity and hard science. A CMO must focus on captivating an audience, along with uncovering what drives a business. Due to this, many CEOs have set high expectations for their CMOs. Some CMOs meet these expectations, but a significant amount do not. For CEOs, finding the CMO who is compatible to their work style and demands can be a challenge, but a sweet reward when the right one is found. This article lists 8 qualities of a great CMO.

1) A passion for data – The greatest CMOs in the field stress measurement and analytics, according to Joanna Lord of Marketing Land.

2) Confidence – CMOs who believe in the organizations they work for and exude confidence and pride in their work will always win (Sauers).

3) A social media wiz – CEOs are not always in tune with how the world of social media works, but they do know that their companies should be on them and active in them now. It is the job of the CMO to sit back and organize a strategy for a business’ social media presence. Great CMOs understand which channels work best for a company and should have time invested in.

4) Constant Communicator – A great CMO will not only lead and manage the marketing team, but intertwine themselves with the entire company and work well with every team. As the company’s brand ambassador, they will ensure consistency throughout all content released externally and lead the way for new ideas.

5) Customer Centric The customer is the driving force for a company’s profit, and a great CMO will understand that and knows how to acquire, engage and retain customers. They can provide great customer service and know exactly how to react to a poor review.

6) Humble by Nature CMOs receive a lot of face time outside of the company and hold the megaphone for the company’s brand. Joanna Lord states that great CMOs “realize they are just the microphone for a brilliant team and amazing products. They facilitate a story, but they are not solely responsible for it.” A great CMO respects the team behind them supporting their efforts.

7) Enthusiasm – A CMO is an employee of a company, but a great CMO will take their title and become a passionate and active supporter of their company’s brand. They look towards the future with excitement and anticipation, knowing that they have what it takes to push that business forward.

8) Passion Not only should a CMO be passionate about their work and the company they work for, but also about the members of their team and their success. Striving to excel at everything they do, a great CMO will spread their passion throughout the company and celebrate when their teammates succeed.

If you are striving to be a CMO who is the driving force for a company brand, evaluate yourself on these 8 qualities, and you will sink a hole in one within your market and in the eyes of your company’s CEO.


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