Marketing Trends for 2015

5 Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2015

As a new year quickly approaches, are you aware of 2015’s projected marketing trends and have you considered their significance for your business? Below we consider a few trends for 2015 that will directly impact many companies next year.


Inbound marketing budgets will increase

In HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, the organization revealed that 74 percent of marketers are allocating the same or an increased budget for inbound marketing this year. Inbound marketing has proven to be effective for measurable ROI and the importance of content and online marketing will continue to increase over time.

Are you dedicating time and resources to consistent content creation and social media efforts? If you are finding that you do not have enough time to handle these very important and necessary elements of your business success, Christina Motley & Associates work  with you to create strong marketing strategies and help to establish a consistent online approach.


More purchases and searches will be made from mobile devices

According to consulting firm BIA/Kelsey, the volume of local searches conducted via the mobile web is increasing at a much faster rate than desktop. In fact, the firm estimated that the volume of mobile local search queries will surpass the number of desktop local searches in 2015.

In addition to the volume of searches increasing on mobile devices, an eMarketer study  found that 18 percent of local searches on smartphones led to a purchase.

Is your website optimized for mobile users? Newer sites are typically built for mobile platforms on responsive templates. Older sites are not optimized and are typically very hard to read and difficult to navigate through. You are missing out on a growing marketing if you have not optimized your website. As Chief Marketing Officer, Christina Motley  can help you set up key tools to track your online traffic to help you clearly know areas in which you can improve your strategies.


Paid amplification of content is increasing every year

Content marketing has now increased to a near unanimous level among businesses. A whopping 93 percent of B2B marketers now use it in their overall marketing plan. Because of the increasing amount of content that can be found online, paid amplification to boost consumption of content will play a big role in 2015.

Christina Motley and Associates is here to work with you as your Marketing Coach and as your Chief Marketing Officer to help you spend your marketing budget in the most effective means possible. Our marketing audit helps to ensure that you do have all key marketing strategy rules in place or that your current marketing firm is helping you expand to your fullest potential as a business.


More companies will construct a content marketing strategy

Since 70% of B2B marketers will be creating more content than a year ago but only 35% say they have a documented content strategy, more companies will begin constructing their own content strategies as they learn the benefits of this exercise. 60% of businesses who have a content strategy rate themselves highly in terms of content marketing effectiveness, and this competitive advantage will catch on in the coming year.

Does your business have a content marketing strategy?


Big Data will be used by small businesses

As big data spending is expected to surge by 27 percent through 2017, more midsize and small companies will see the many benefits of big data and begin to use it to support their marketing efforts.

Which of these trends will affect your business the most? Are there any important trends we missed? Let us know your thoughts below!

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